In the last years, OSA Soccer Group actively participated in America`s competitive soccer leagues under the names AC Seattle and FC Tacoma 253. Despite the names, the teams netted great outcomes in the men’s and the women’s leagues. Those results always motivated the OSA Group to continue on the path it started four years ago. From this year on, the club, with its headquarters in Seattle, will have the OSA Football Club name and will be a non-profit organization. OSA FC will continue to bridge the European soccer and the North-American market by creating opportunities for all the men and women soccer players that want to try new experiences and try their future in another country.

The women’s OSA FC team will take part again in the WPSL (Women’s Premier Soccer League), the second division for competitive American soccer. The team had success in its first year, winning the Evergreen Cup and the WPSL Northwest Conference, and reaching regionals in Sacramento, CA.

The men’s team will participate in the NPSL (National Premier Soccer League), which is the highly competitive, nation-wide division that allows teams to qualify for the U.S. Open Cup (a qualifying cup where possible opponents in advanced rounds are MLS pro teams). Even the men’s team set a club standard in their first year. They qualified for the first round of the U.S. Open Cup and won the NPSL Northwest Conference – traveling also to reach the playoffs in California.

The achievements on the field have been as satisfying as the relationships made off the field. The club gets support from the community, and generates interest for the press. The cultural exchange program benefits families, youth players (girls and boys), and fans in the area. The program is used to help players broaden their careers and entertain families in a family-friendly environment. The club introduces a different style of the game to youth players, and creates friendships by connecting host families with their Italian player for the summer.

The OSA Soccer Group is not solely focused on winning games. The club likes to help in a player`s career if he or she would like new opportunities. OSA Soccer Group has supported many players on new soccer journeys. Shining a fraction of light on the girls` history, the girls that lived the experience had the opportunities to meet their goals and make new ones for their soccer future.

Players like Alia Guagni and Viviana Schiavi (two important Italian players) in their first AC Seattle summer season, were called on loan by Pali Blues to play in the W-League. Alia Guagni (who has been with the OSA club for three years), also participated in the creation of the FIFA 16 videogame because she is a highlighted player for the women`s Italian National Team.

Younger players as Romina Pinna, Isabella Agus, and Viola Brambilla were called to tryouts for American colleges after their season with the OSA club.

Francesca Durante (a very young goalie of Fiorentina Women’s FC and U17 and U19 Women’s National Team), who participated in the league this 2015 summer with FC Tacoma 253, drew the interest of several colleges as well.

Giorgia Casula began her career in Sardegna, and came to Seattle for the 2015 summer season. Thanks to the collaboration between OSA Soccer Group and ACF Fiorentina, she landed in the Fiorentina Women’s FC. Fiorentina Women`s FC is the new professional women`s team in Florence, Italy. It is the first professional women`s team affiliated with their professional men counterpart, ACF Fiorentina (both play in Serie A – the 1st division league).

As opportunities were created for the Italian players, they happened for American ones as well. Courtney Moore, an outside back and center back (when need occurs), played in the WPSL for the past two seasons with the OSA Soccer Group`s club. Thanks to the meeting with Italian colleagues, Courtney went to play in Italy, in the Italian Serie A professional league, with Pink Bari FC. An unforgettable experience that she’s looking forward to living again.

OSA FC offers an opportunity to all those men and women players willing to commit and wanting to live this experience.

To take advantage, interested inquiries can be e-mailed to, send your sport resume (position, playing history, etc) and specify the league interest – NPSL for men and WPSL for women to take part in an OSA FC team.