Giuseppe Pezzano is a visionary and creator and has been since his early days. He was raised in an entrepreneurial family, his father owned a business as did many members of his extended family. He grew up working for them and getting his first practical experiences prior to moving away for university.

While attending university he saw an opportunity to rent cell phones to foreign students studying abroad in Florence, Italy. This was before you could travel with your phone and before prepaid phones were an option. The cell phone rental company that was started catered to students and tourists and grew to over 100 employees situated around the globe. Many offshoot companies of the cell phone business were subsequently created, including housing rentals, shipping services, insurance and student and tourist document preparation assistance (now

Giuseppe works in real estate development and owns a boutique hotel chain called The Art INN with locations in Lisbon, Portugal and Seattle, WA. Both locations are centrally located in their respective cities and offer chic accommodations. The Lisbon location boasts a rooftop restaurant and bar with a vast panorama of the city. Giuseppe has also turned his life long passion for soccer into a business, creating and becoming CEO of OSA Soccer Academy, LLC. Mr. Pezzano united his experience, know-how and his contacts in the soccer world creating an innovative approach to soccer business development. As a soccer professional with a keen sense for business this rare combination of qualities has allowed him created a network of connections with industry professionals from all levels. Giuseppe used his experience as a semi pro player and owner/manager of a semi pro team and manager of a playing facility in Italy (used by ACF Fiorentina’s second team) to develop OSA. OSA expanded it’s offers to provide a complete suite of services which include a soccer academy in Florence, Italy and consulting services for professional teams, having worked with Serie A ACF Fiorentina, Serie A Bologna FC and other MLS soccer teams like Montreal Impact. 
Currently Mr Pezzano is focused on the development of his own club, OSA Seattle FC. OSA is dedicated to helping the growth of soccer, and to giving opportunities to local young players to improve their skills.