Non Profit

Genialitàly Association builds relationships and connects institutions, schools and companies with the assistance they need to prosper in the post Covid-19 world. This promotional support and services will be financed and promoted through events and conferences, the publication of a quarterly magazine, our members, through media and social media, a global community of international educators, as well as through collaborations with educational, government and cultural institutions throughout the United States and Italy. 

Giuseppe Pezzano is the principal contributor of EduItalia, an association of schools and universities created in 2005 to offer a vast selection of courses to foreign students in some of Italy’s most beautiful cities.

We’ll Come United is a soccer team that was established in collaboration with the non-profit group ‘Rete di Economia civile Sale della Terra’, whose mission it is to integrate refugees through sports. The club is comprised of local players from Benevento, Italy and refugees and immigrants who are living in the Benevento region thanks to the non-profit ‘Rete dei Piccoli Comuni del Welcome’.
The players form a cohesive group through practices and games, sharing the human experience of inclusion.