Nduja USA is part of the initiative which aims to establish an area in the city center where you can go and look for Made in Italy companies and products that are difficult to find in America.

Nduja USA has become the first in the USA to produce and bring the authentic Nduja from Spilinga to American shores. With a commitment to preserving the original recipe and traditions of this renowned Italian delicacy, Nduja USA has opened its flagship store in the heart of Seattle, becoming a hub for culinary enthusiasts and lovers of bold flavors.


Ndujame is a space dedicated to the Calabrian tradition, a glimpse that immerses the guest in the warm atmosphere of Southern Italy. Upon crossing the threshold of the venue, one finds oneself in a place with a distinctive personality, appealing to those who appreciate ancestral and atavistic nuances. Inside, there is a careful and contemporary selection of the best products that the region can offer, with a focus on the cornerstone product, Nduja. It is a suitable place for all hours of the day dedicated to the main breaks: from mid-morning to lunch, afternoon snack, all the way to the aperitif and dinner

The Art INN is a franchise concept of petite boutique hotels and suites. It was created in 2013 and has locations in Lisbon, Portugal and Seattle, USA.

The Art INN provides its the guests a full experience of the city they are staying in through the artistic expressions present in the decorations and details. Every room is unique and inspired by the city where the hotel is located, highlighting each city’s culture, history and traditions.

OSA Soccer Academy provides players from all over the world a unique opportunity to improve technical, tactical and theoretical soccer skills while being immersed in a new culture and interacting with local teams – an international experience in the world’s most passionate soccer countries.
Our goal is to teach players sports values and ethics by encouraging tolerance and integration which will help them in all paths of their lives.

OSA’s creative approach to soccer offers an ideal setting for the highest quality programs abroad. Programs take advantage of prestigious facilities and experienced technical soccer trainers, all of which are UEFA licensed.
OSA Soccer Academy offers different programs to meet the varying needs and objectives of players, students, coaches and teams by collaborating with American colleges and professional clubs like ACF Fiorentina.

Mr. Pezzano united his experience, know-how and his contacts to create an innovative approach to soccer business development. As a soccer professional with a keen sense for business this rare combination of qualities has allowed him created a network of connections with industry professionals from all levels. Giuseppe used his experience as a semi pro player and owner/manager of a semi pro team and playing facility in Italy (which was used by ACF Fiorentina’s second team) to develop OSA. OSA expanded it’s offers to provide a complete suite of services which include a soccer academy in Florence, Italy, consulting services for professional and professional Serie A teams like ACF Fiorentina, Bologna FC.

My Edu Club is a technology platform created to offer exclusive services and support to students, schools and programs in the study abroad sector. My Edu Club was created by the Giuseppe Pezzano Group who founded Platform3000, Eduassistance and financed and The group has over 20 years of experience in study abroad services and customer care in over 25 countries around the world!